Product Team - Senior Engineer

Full-Time · Platform Team · Newcastle (UK), Remote - (UK ONLY)

The Role

The aim of the senior engineering role is to give the product team someone who can set new high standards for the team and then mentor and coach the team up to these new standards. In order to meet this aim, we are looking for candidates with two sets of distinct skills.

The first set of distinct skills is software engineering. The ideal candidate from a software engineering perspective is someone who has spent at least half a decade working as a software engineer. It's ok if you're a few months under this period, but we are specifically looking for a candidate who can bring with them all of the hard-won experiences in problem-solving, planning and in managing and maintaining a codebase over a multi-year period of time.

The second set of distinct skills is in coaching, mentoring and generally working with people to set them on an upward trajectory in their own engineering practice. For this, we're not looking for any given period of time, but we will preference applicants who can demonstrate competence in this skillset.

We imagine the role will initially be split 50/50 between engineering and mentoring and you will be free to use any methods you find (or have found) to be effective. We like pair programming, but we're open to whatever you feel is necessary.

This role is not a direct leadership or management type of role so you don't need to worry about that aspect of things. The product team already has stable leadership and this role reports to them.

If you're really into engineering and get a buzz out of helping others reach their hidden potential, this is the role for you. If you're reading this and thinking you'd like to apply but you are not sure you meet the requirements, please apply. You have nothing to lose.



As the senior engineering role is a mixture of engineering and mentoring we expect all candidates to possess demonstrable experience in both of these areas and be able to communicate challenges and successes from their previous experience.

  1. 5+ years spent in software engineering
  2. Formal or informal experience coaching and mentoring staff
  3. Effective communicator


These optional skills speak to the types of skills the eminently qualified senior engineer would have. It is ok if you do not possess any of them or simply have a small subset of them.

We use Elixir and Typescript, with a bit of Rust and Python, but we do not require knowledge of these from applicants. Experience with another functional programming language (Clojure, Scala, OCaml, Haskell, etc) would help your application.

  1. Experience in maintaining a codebase over a long period of time
  2. Experience or interest in behavioural, cognitive/constructivist, humanistic learning styles
  3. Experience or interest in information security
  4. Previous experience of working in an ISO27001 environment
  5. Appreciation of both functional and imperative approaches
  6. Previous experience of Elixir, Erlang or other OTP based software
  7. Familiarity with front-end technologies such as webpack, typescript


At the upper end of this spectrum, we would expect a candidate who can demonstrate exemplary competence in both engineering practice and mentoring/coaching.

Holidays and Benefits

Twenty-three days of holiday every year. An extra two 2 days are awarded after you've been here for 3 years.

A flexible working policy covering flexible times and flexible locations.

Discretionary bonus plan, subject to company and individual performance.


Hiring Process

We split the hiring process into four distinct parts. If you pass one stage, you will proceed to the next. We try to give feedback to you if your application is not successful but this is not always possible.

The process is designed to give you maximum insight into what it is like to work here and also for us to be able to assess your skills as quickly as possible.

We review your application and verify claims
Video call 1
Basic programming exercises and a chance for you to ask questions
Video call 2
You complete a pre-interview task and we review during the call
Offer & References
We will make a formal offer, subject to references

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that the best workplaces celebrate and promote diversity. We are committed to ensuring that SoPost is an equal opportunity employer. And we think it’s right to build a company where everybody is welcome, with an open culture that thrives on not just our similarities but also our differences.

Part of this commitment is our promise that every team member and job applicant is treated equally, regardless of protected characteristics such as race, sexuality, religion or age.

Our company values of ownership, trust, no surprises, bigger than me, and doing it right, capture the essence of this statement, but we’re now being clear that this is key to our mission.



Use the below button to send us an email. Attach your CV and a link to your GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab profile. If you have a personal website or maintain a blog, this would be a most welcome inclusion in your application. If you have none of these things, that's ok, open up an email and communicate to us why you want to apply.

If you've made it this far and you're still on the fence about applying, we would urge you to apply.

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