Marketing Designer

Commercial Team · London · Full-Time

The Role

Working as part of the commercial team and reporting to the commercial team lead, you will be responsible for creating bespoke reports and marketing collateral as requested by the commercial team. Often timescales will be tight and you will be expected to do everything in your power to ensure that you meet each deadline. Missing a deadline can often mean missing a commercial opportunity and this is not desirable.

The standard working hours for the role are strictly 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. The location of the role is either in our London office directly with the team, or working remote in our Newcastle office. If you are choosing to work from the Newcastle office, then experience of remote working is desirable.



Part of your work will be designing for print and you should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of additive and subtractive colour models. You will also be asked to demonstrate solid artworking skills and “best practice” print preflight.

The rest of your work will be digital, in the form of reports or web-based output. You should be able to demonstrate solid html and css skills and be fully capable in responsive design. You should be aware of the various digital file formats (jpg, png, svg, pdf) and understand which file format is suitable for a given context and how to control any optimisation options of the format.

  1. Highly creative and a grasp on "the design process"
  2. Understanding & experience of preflighting print work
  3. Can write accessible HTML/CSS and bring mockups to life
  4. Fluent with some or all of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch and InVision
  5. “Can do” attitude


Raw skill is always preferable to time served, but it would be advantageous if you've already spent a few years in a professional creative position.

  1. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a professional creative environment
  2. Demonstrate that your finger is on the pulse of current zeitgeist and be able to work in the current vogue


Salary for this position is dependant on experience.

Holidays and Benefits

You'll get 23 days holiday plus bank holidays a year. Once you have been here for three years, we'll give you an extra two days holiday allowance per year.

We keep a well-stocked fridge full of soft drinks, or if you prefer something more refined, we have delicious coffee beans and a great coffee machine. We engage in team activities once in a while, bringing everyone in the company together from all over the world.


Hiring Process

The interview process will consist of four parts. If you are successful in one part you will move to the next.

The first part of the process is screening. We review your CV and ensure your skills are adequate for the role. Wherever possible, we attempt to qualify any claims made about publically available work.

Part two is an interview where you will show your portfolio of work and talk through the design decisions you made. Use this time to demonstrate your enthusiasm for design and the work that you do. Choose work that covers the breadth of your capability. We’re especially eager to see live work

Part three is another interview consisting of an hour-long assessment of your ‘hard skills’. You will be given some basic design tasks and expected to get through them in 30 minutes and to talk through your work as you make decisions. The tasks will be a mixture of digital and print tasks. The remaining time of the interview will be spent discussing your suitability for the role.

If you are successful in the first three stages, you will take part in a call with various members of the SoPost team. This is a chance for a two-way dialogue about the role, the company and a chance for you to ask any questions that you may have about what it is like to work at SoPost and be a member of the commercial team.

we review your CV and verify claims
Interview 1
portfolio review, design discussion and questions
Interview 2
hard skills assessment and questions
Team call
a two-way conversation about the role


Please submit applications to the supplied email address.

If you are attaching examples of your work, please ensure that you have sent correctly optimised versions suitable for email.