Elixir Engineers

Platform Team · Edinburgh, Newcastle · Full-Time


Our platform is 95% Elixir, and we follow the OTP style of application development. You're going to need to have an understanding of OTP and Elixir or be able to demonstrate that you're able to get up to speed quickly.

Finally, we all work using the Github Workflow and so you need to have a solid grasp on Git and also this way of working.

  1. Functional programming skills
  2. OTP application design
  3. Git & Github workflow


We use these languages/technologies here and being aware, or having capability is a clear signal that you possess the right set of skills for this role.

Python is used very liberally in our stack for applications and processes not classified as high performance.

Elm is our UI language of choice so bonus points for being able to work with it.

Our stack is a series of docker images running inside of a Kubernetes cluster, so having some experience of working on this kind of stack would be a definite advantage.

  1. Python
  2. Elm
  3. Docker
  4. Kubernetes


This is the starting salary bracket, and we will review it when you have completed the probation period. We can be flexible for the right person.

Holidays and Benefits

You'll get 23 days holiday plus bank holidays a year. Once you have been here for three years, we'll give you an extra two days holiday allowance per year.

We keep a well-stocked fridge full of soft drinks, or if you prefer something more refined, we have delicious coffee beans and a great coffee machine. We engage in team activities once in a while, bringing everyone in the company together from all over the world.

You will also get some excellent tech to use. You can either choose between a non-retina iMac + 4K monitor or you can have a retina iMac. Once you are out of your probation, it is also customary to reward you with a lovely mechanical Cherry keyboard.


Hiring Process

We split the hiring process into six distinct parts. If you pass one stage, you will proceed to the next. We try to give feedback to applicants if they are not successful but this is not always possible.

The process is designed to give you maximum insight into what it is like to work here and also for us to be able to assess your skills as quickly as possible.

There are components in this process that require you invest some of your own time away from the interview. We are more than happy to pay you at a rate of £12 per hour. The work you do is strictly scoped to the hiring process.

Later on in the process, we ask that you come in for a half day and work in the office and is a chance for you to experience what it is like to work here with everyone. You can also ask anyone anything about their role or what they do here. Total honesty time.

we review your CV and verify claims
a video/phone call to assess your experience
Technical Interview 1
basic programming exercises
Technical Interview 2
you complete a pre-interview task; we do a code review on it
Half Day
you will come in and work in the office for half a day
Offer & References
we will make a formal offer, subject to references


Send an email to the address to the email address shown. Attach your CV and a link to your Github profile. We will use your Github profile to validate claims made in your CV. If you have a personal website or maintain a blog, this would be a most welcome inclusion to your application.